Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Surfing yoga

Yoga tonight was wonderful! There was this really cool surfing move that was really nice. My back did nothing more than squeak a few times. I still have to move cautiously for some things, but now I can move.

Swim this morning was good, a solid half hour. The flip turns got a bit sloppy at the end, but are still better than they were. It's nice getting back into the water again.

I had thought that pounding out the words would be the hard part of NaNoWriMo. So far I'm doing well. 16785 words so far, only 1719 today. The friends just finished eating dinner and are heading into the hot tub.

My blog buddy Janet had a commenter on her blog mentioning the #1k1hr technique where you go head down for an hour and pound out 1000 words. some people do it as a group. I didn't time myself exactly I came pretty close in the time between dinner and leaving for yoga. I"ll have to try this for sure. They seem to like to start at the top of the clock. I don't like to be quite so regimented.

The hard part is this. My view last night.

Yes, Curtis is lying on my forearm. It is very difficult to type. He is being quite firm about wanting to express himself with the keyboard and trackpad.

Celina seems pretty happy staking out my shins, but there isn't enough room for both of them. I think it's going to take a bit of doing to figure out how to get both cats and the laptop all happy at once.


  1. Ha - love the cat cheering squad!! Although I'd find it very difficult to type! Seems not to be slowing you down, Keith. Great word count!! I'll have you know I used the words "Polar Bear" yesterday - thought of you as I did so.

    Glad the 1K1HR technique worked for you - you can start one yourself, if you would rather do it off the hour mark! I need to give it a try, getting bogged down in reasoning and logic, whereas I should be typing. Just. typing.

    1. I'm finding it difficult to type when they are doing their cheering up close and personal, as it were. I'm in the middle of a complicated dinner scene. There's a bunch of things I want to happen, it's just the order, and who exactly is involved. I got one piece done last night, and woke up this morning knowing another piece. I'm finding NaNoWriMo a fabulous idea, especially my self imposed rule of no changes to anything but today. None, even though it hurts sometime. I know who followed Ed into the kitchen for a beer, and they know, but none of the rest of you would. December.

      Yay! The polar bear of inspiration rules.


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