Sunday, November 24, 2013

Not the least crafty, but

Such a nice day! Sunny and warm, well above zero. My legs and back were feeling pretty good so I decided to go out for a short run and see how they felt about that. Good limbering up and a bit of a walk. I ran 25 minutes nice and easy, completely ignoring Runmeter telling me I was running 4 minute kilometers. The map is really interesting. It was more like 7 minute K's at best. Towards the end my hip flexors were a bit tired. I stretched longer than I ran.

I'm not the least bit crafty, but I made something today. Can't talk about it until the event is over. Don't want to give the competition any ideas. The materials list includes cedar, steel, chip board, cardboard, construction paper, fabric, duct tape, and double sided tape. It was fun and I didn't hurt myself.

The Sweet Elixer (the tentative title of my NaNo book), is up over 58K words. I discovered a conversation that needs to be moved around a bit and broken up into two parts. That's ok. I'm playing with an ending now. And now that I've blogged, I'll go back to the ending stuff.

Really, I promise there will be pictures of the finished project in situ, as it were.

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