Monday, July 15, 2013

Two fronts of progress

Progress on the house continues. We think the installer was working alone today, since all the work was fairly close to the ground. Here's a couple photos.

This has been attracting a lot of attention. The neighbours we know (fewer than you might think after nearly 30 years here) have been keeping an eye on things. But we've had several perfect strangers wander up to talk about it. I'm beginning to wish we had negotiated a finders fee for everyone we send them.

Ran again today. It's so nice out. Good limbering up with some dynamic stretches. Started at a brisk walk and gradually sped up. After the second K I realized I was running way too fast for an easy run, took a break, then ran slower. There were a couple spots where it seemed like my feet were stuck to the pavement. Overall it was pretty good. Lots of stretching after. So far my knees have been pretty happy about running again. I could have run further tonight, but no need. I'm trying to get the muscles used to working again, without over working them.

There is still a slightly tender spot on my foot, but I might not notice in the normal course of things.  Janice L had suggested that my adductors might be part of the problem. There's been some tenderness on the inner part of my thigh, so I started rollering and stretching that a bit more vigorously, and it seems to be helping. Plus getting back into pigeon every day. Not sure how I let that slip away.

Last night was so nice sitting on the patio. I'm sure you can guess what I was doing. I'm still dressed in run gear, and it's just a little bit cooler today, so I'm not out there now. I like how the lattice is reflected in the bottom of the wine glass.


  1. Glad my suggestion seems to have helped, Keith. The house looks great and I LOVE your patio. We just built a new deck in the country (that's the royal "we" - in fact, Husband built it) and I already know I'm practically going to live out there all summer. I love it. The new deck in town is getting more of a workout too now that the kitchen's functional again. Good luck with the running! Hope it continues to feel good.

  2. Wow- looks great! I love the stone! You are definitely going to have to do a before and after post.


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