Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Install reveal, in progress

That left IT band. Holy cow. Other things were as I expected, and they loosened up nicely, but that one. My goodness. I was breathing through it several times. That one is so tight that my therapist thinks it's entirely reasonable it's pulling my knee, calf, and then down to the sole of my foot, and probably pulling the top as well, getting my hips and butt upset. Which then starts to affect the other leg. I'll have to work on this. Where is that golf ball again?

There were some interesting comments on Facebook about the back yard activity. Here's a photo of the front door that will make all clear. This is still in progress. The west side of the house is  partially done. If you want to see the blue siding again, better hurry. Thursday or certainly Friday will be your last opportunity.

He was very nice and hung our mailbox again. There is a new light coming soon. In the second photo you can see a bit of jointing is still missing. He'll get that when he does the next batch.

And lastly, gotta love Stampede during the hot days.


  1. Have you checked to see that your adductors aren't tight as well? When I had IT issues, the underlying problem was my adductors. My right ITB was too tight to counteract too tight addcutors. Now that I stretch them regularly, my IT issues have gone away.

    The house is looking good, BTW.

  2. Good point! There sure are some sensitive spots all over the inner thigh, just above the knees to mid thigh. I think that's adductors. Rollering the crap out of anything I can reach. Thanks for house compliments. We are looking forward to being able to show it off. Progress is good.


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