Monday, July 8, 2013

Exciting install in progress!

This photo was taken looking north west. What's unusual about it is that it was taken at dawn, not dusk. Yes, really. If I'd been willing to scramble up onto a slippery roof I could have had some amazing shots, I think. Probably I could spend lots of time lovingly tweaking them in Snapseed while recovering from the broken leg. This is only slightly tweaked.

Check it out. The back yard has become a work area for a crew of three, hard at it. The in progress photos are ok, but not worth sharing at the moment. Later it will make a better story.

Can't wait for the massage on Wednesday. Low back, look out, here she comes. Downstairs stretching it out. As long as I don't try to move quickly, things are ok. So far no cowboy boots this year. The tender spot on my foot is exactly where all the weight goes while wearing them.

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