Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cats and paint don't mix

One of the final steps in the recent housework has been to get in a painter for all the touch ups. You may remember we had him in late last year to refresh the paint throughout most of the house to remove the rubs, scratches, and other imperfections that paint accumulates in an active house, and to follow up with replacing some windows and doors.

After the window installation we knew there would be follow up painting there, and had tentatively engaged him. As we got closer we noticed a bunch of other work that needed to get done, both inside and outside. He gave us a really nice price and he's been at it this week. We didn't bother getting other estimates. He does meticulous work with astonishing attention to detail. He leaves the work area immaculate. He's been held up a bit by rain and wanting to get a better surface in one place, so he needed a couple more layers of filler before he's happy.

While he's been working we have to round up the cats and put them in the basement. They are so eager to offer their superior supervisory skills that they get right into the action. I know from experience that's not a good idea. The painter says they were pretty quiet today. They've been pretty spooked over the last week with all the concrete cutting and banging that was happening.

The only work remaining on the exterior is to install the house number above the garage, and have the picker truck take away the rubble. It's neatly piled rubble, but still. There are a couple rain chains to hang, and maybe redoing the evestroughing and downspouts.

I was a workout slacker last night, going to bed early. Once supper settles a bit more I'll go do a stretch and core session.

Here's a picture of a pretty flower, just because.

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  1. I love how cats supervise - always very watchful...


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