Sunday, March 31, 2013

I actually ran

Slept in. Gradually realized my legs were feeling pretty good, and it was nice out. Limbered up, and started running easy. I got into the groove fairly quickly, with my feet feeling light and easy. My left knee wasn't bothering me at all, but my right heel was a bit sensitive. Concentrated on light, even, fairly short footsteps, not worrying about trying to go fast. About 3.5 K mark my legs started protesting a bit so I eased off and called it at 4K. Walked home, and stretched and rollered really well after. Iced the heel and the bottom of the quads as they were feeling a bit tender.

This is a typical pattern for my run, so I'm pretty pleased. My breathing was really easy throughout. I've been breathing harder from a fast walk. Like the bike yesterday, I wanted to work my legs a bit, but not overdo it.

Other than that, our day was pretty quiet. I did some work on the novel, read a bit, puttered around the house a bit, and that was our long weekend.

Look at yesterday's blog for the cute pictures of Curtis, and some other nice stuff.

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  1. Glad you were able to run today! It was perfect running weather.


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