Wednesday, June 27, 2012

That bright thing up in the sky

Swam Monday. Lifeguards gave me hell about the trail of rust coming off me and mucking up their nice clean pool. Swam 40 clunky minutes.

It rained. A lot. Many rivers are flooding or on the verge of flooding. No bike.

Bottled a wine kit earlier this week, I forget when. It's wonderful! I'm glad I waited to let it settle. I'll bottle the other one on the weekend and start a new kit. The Nebbiolo I think.

Swam Wednesday in the 25 m pool. At first I thought I was hearing voices. Someone calling my name. Turned out KF was water running in the pool. After we chatted a few minutes I got at it, feeling much better. 1.5 Km in 28 even. Some kick and pull. Then 3 hard 50's on 1:15. These were just short of "oh shit a water snake chasing me!" at 43, 44, and 45 seconds. Breathing hard after. Cool down.

The Devonian Gardens opened today after being closed 4 years! I strolled through and really liked it. There were lots of other people there creating a happy buzz. I think some people had scoped out their favourite spots to eat and read. This is an amazing space. I wish I was still at Talisman so I could get to it without going outside. Check it out here.

The cats have settled in really well and love their new tree. We've got some medication to get on top of the eye infection that Curtis picked up. He's a total champ at accepting the drops. The pill is powered and put in his wet food. He's a bit of a pig and gobbles so I don't think he even notices.

The sun camp out and it's warm. Nice. The lawn is a jungle, and it's gusty windy, otherwise I'd skip yoga and go for a bike ride. And here you thought I was going to mow the lawn. Ha! My neighbour did and says it's still way too wet. Friday will be soon enough.

Four day weekend coming up! Warm! Sunny! Lots of plans. What about you?


  1. Too bad I was stuck at home today with a gout I didn't know that they finally reopened Devonian Gardens. Can't wait to go see!!

  2. Gout! Unlike. Hope it gets better soon. It's still a bit bare bones I think, what I think of as foundational plants and trees. It will be a great lunch spot.

  3. what kind of wine?? ;) and I love that you got the pool dirty haha! Hope Curtis' eye gets better soon

  4. Bottled a German Spatlese. I think that's how it's spelled. There is a Chardonnay ready to bottle. I'll start a Nebbiolo today or tomorrow, and start a Voigner next week. Curtis's eye is looking much better already, thanks!

  5. The Randy Pausch brick walls quote has me thinking: "Brick walls exist as a place to store bricks to hit Randy Pausch with." Not a big fan of his final lecture, obviously.


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