Friday, June 22, 2012

I think I left motivation on the bike course

This has been an odd week. I haven't been out for a run or a bike ride since the race, and only been in the pool once. Last night was nice enough to ride, but I didn't. I actually had a nap after work, which is something I don't do much. Yes, it's busy at work, but not THAT busy. It could be getting used to a new prescription in my glasses, but that wouldn't affect anything other than my eyes. I've decided I can be a slacker till the weekend then I'll get back at it.

People think of downtown Calgary as a bunch of glass towers. There are lots of them, true, but there are still lots of older buildings. Here's the view from an office in my building. I like the different textures of brick and stone, and the juxtaposition of the older buildings surrounded by the newer ones. There are two rooftop patios in view.

The Bay building opened in August 1913, and at 6 stories was the tallest building in Calgary.

There is a rant brewing about revolving doors.

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