Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hard to be motivated though cat pics help

There was the pool this morning. I was in it. But I wasn't feeling the pool love, even though it wasn't really that bad. It took 500 m to get warmed up and even then I could tell my water feel wasn't there. Slow. Did some intervals just for a giggle, and was actually a bit surprised. 10 x 50 in under 50 seconds, on 1 minute. The first was 46 seconds, working harder than I thought I should be. So was the second. By the third I was down to 49 seconds and I was feeling oddly out of breath. I figured I'd be over 50 seconds and pooped on 4. Nope. Not on 5 or 6 either. Still 48 or 49 seconds. Pressed on, and even though I was breathing pretty hard during the break, I kept making my intervals. Yay me!

Swam some back stroke and a bit of drill to cool down. 30 minutes. Then some stretching in the dive tank, till I was grossed out by a story the guy on the radio was telling, about someone trimming their fingernails in the coffee shop line up. I couldn't take it and bailed out. Chatted with my buddy Katie briefly at the other end of the pool.

I feel fine in the aftermath of Chinook, but I'm just tired. I was thinking about going for a run tonight, but the rain and heavy legs talked me out of it. I'm sure I'll get back on the training bandwagon again, any day now. As soon as it stops raining. And warms up. Yeah, for sure.
In the end, I was a cat bed for a while, working to comb Curtis and help get his fur back into good shape. He is easily spooked by video content on the iPad. The cats are happy to share one lap, and seem comfortable climbing over each other, doing the butt sniff thing, and they are starting to groom each other.

It's hard to get a good picture of them but Curtis has really pretty amber gold eyes.

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  1. Lovely furballs. My sister was looking over my shoulder as I was reading this. She really likes Curtis. I think because he reminds her of our Sneezer who passed away last year. Regardless, both your cats are adorable.


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