Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yes really, a hard hat

Back into the 50 m pool today. Had to wait a few minutes for the kids to clear out, but I used that time to get my shoulders more mobile. Maybe that helped. My swim felt a little bit better today. Typical workout. The plastic lane rope thingies have been very hungry the last couple days, chewing on my fingers, wrist, and arm. Not sure why.

Then I was back onto the GVBP this afternoon. The Great Vapour Barrier Project. It's going well, the end is in sight. What's also in sight is all the nails holding down the hardwood in our bedroom. I really did wear my hard hat, and really was cautious anyways. Hot air ducting has some sharp edges. So do some tools. First bandaid for the project. It's amazing what you find when you move stuff out from the wall for the first time in decades.

You would wear a hard hat too.

Rainy here, maybe snow tonight. In fact, just looking outside the rain is turning to snow. We got invited to a TEDx talk here in Calgary for tomorrow and we're really looking forward to going.


  1. Last pic looks downright like a torture chamber!

  2. That's not even the worst of it! There was one part where I would have had to reach in along the top of the hot air duct, with many nails only a few inches above that, to be able to seal up some of the ducting better. I passed on that, figuring the warm air will either go to the room where it's supposed to, or try to seep out past a bunch of insulation.

  3. You're just being safe. That's commendable.


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