Thursday, April 5, 2012

snow and almost snow

After Tuesdays beautiful day, nice enough to be riding outside in shorts and bike shirt, it snowed on Wednesday. Lots. For hours. I was ambitious enough to get my run finished just as it started. Easy run, active recovery sort of run. My legs felt better after.

Then yoga was a really good flow of stuff. For once, wall dog worked for me, both legs even, for a short while. A very short while. But it's a start. A first time.

Thursday was back in a quiet pool. The 50 m lanes were all full and splashy, with bad vibes, so I went into the 25 m pool. All was peaceful. Warmed up 1000 m 18:10. Then a bit of kick and pull. Then the main set, 10 x 50 on 60 seconds, trying to maintain 45 seconds. The first few were there, then they started slipping. Then I realized I was losing form, and got the groove back on again, to go a bit quicker using less energy. Cool down with some easy pull and back stroke. 1 hour.

For my sins I was into Costco this afternoon. I forgot this was the first day of the long weekend, and people would be stocking up. Correction, the geezers would be stocking up. I saw it all today, people blocking aisles, stopping at random, walking very, very slowly. Two things stood out. One person who had been driving their cart along briskly enough, drove into a herd of carts clustered right where a display cut down the aisle space, and then abandoned their cart to pick up some corn chips or something. Nobody could move past. The other was a woman shopping for clothes. She took off her jeans to try on another pair of pants right there by the display stand. I think she was wearing a one piece swimsuit, or else she has really colourful taste in granny panties.

Oh, and one other thing, a demonstration of world class stupidity. As I was coming up to the checkout lines, the last cart in one line had a big sign on it "checkout closed". Naturally that line got shorter as all the rest of us went elsewhere. As it happened, I was in the next lane. When the last cart was starting to unload, some guy pushed his cart in behind it. When the sign was pointed out to him, he pitched a fit about why they always close the shortest line. Then he tried to move the sign to his cart. By then a bunch of us were being thoroughly entertained as the cashier's assistant told him politely he would have to pick another lane. He tried the kids argument "I'll hold my breathe till I turn blue!" by saying he would stay there and pile his stuff on the conveyer and they'd have to deal with then, wouldn't they? The woman behind me burst out laughing when the assistant told the guy he was quite welcome to pile his full cart of stuff onto the conveyer if he wanted to, but that nobody would be there as soon as they finished with the current shopper. He stood there for a minute, looking at all of us looking at him, then slunk off to the other end where nobody had seen his humiliation.

They've installed a gas bar since I was last there, which takes up parking space that was already in short supply. If I have to park any further away, I'm going to start counting the walk as workout time, and for the geezers they'll have to install a shuttle bus.

It was sunny when I got home and I was thinking about going outside for a bike ride again. But no, it's clouding over and looking really cold and windy. No snow again yet, but they say there is a chance of wet flurries later. Looking outside I'd say it could happen anytime.


  1. Ugh!! Slow walking people! NO!!!

  2. At least I didn't run over any of them with my cart. Stupid cheap cart with a damaged wheel slowed me down. And some of them smelled bad, but not as bad as the guy a couple lockers down at the pool.

  3. Oh, people driving their shopping carts is one of my biggest pet peeves. If you stop, pull over so you're not blocking traffic. Stay to the right. Don't walk like a snail.

    Funny about that guy at the checkout. I'd be amused watching it too.

    I must admit that I've been tempted to go to Costco wearing something really form fitting when I want to buy clothes. I think I'd go for tri shorts or something, rather then a swimsuit. It's a pain to return stuff if it doesn't fit the way I thought it would.

  4. Yay, I had also run in that weather...and we were lucky to finish it before it start accumulating on the ground! Great run!

    For all the reasons and awesome examples cited above, we choose our Costco time carefully. Would not want to add a somewhat unpredictable 3 yo into the mix. Oh yeah, and spend hours there.

  5. Stay right. That was an issue on today's run that I'll be addressing in my blog a bit later. Times I think we need to have a licensing system for shopping carts.

  6. I wish all other parents were as considerate as you!

  7. Oh no, I want everyone else to get the hell out of my way so I can do speedy shopping at Costco....b/c I have an unpredictable 3 yo.

  8. Absolutely nothing to do with being considerate, but thanks!


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