Sunday, September 4, 2011

Perfect patio day

Today the main activity was throwing a floppy frisbee to a dog that loved playing catch and brining it back. Again and again. She would drop it nearby and dash off. If you didn't throw it, she would drop it closer. And closer again, though there'd be a little growl of frustration. She was really good. Border Collie and Lab cross.

In between frisbee throwing we sat on a very nice patio belonging to the closest family Linda has in town, a cousin, and his wife. We see them periodically and have a great time visiting. Today we had brunch on the patio. It was a perfect temperature for sitting and chatting. We did that for hours. In between tossing the frisbee for the dog. It was perfect, and relaxing, and all round wonderful. At one point I was thinking that last year on a day like this I'd have been out on my bike for a 6 or 7 hour ride. This was much nicer.

I've known I have a cousin here in town again, and we've been playing phone tag. He works erratic hours, but we're trying to get together. The phone number I had for him turned out to belong to the last company he worked for, but he eventually got my cell number from his mom (my dad's sister). Over the years, off and on, I've had other cousins in town, but we were never close. Some of my mom's cousins live here, but that's not the same.

On the way home from brunch we stopped at this neat art house. The whole house is due to be torn down soon, so they have changed it all into contemporary art, some of it a little bit Rube Goldbergish, which I think is really cool. It was a fun visit. If you're going to go, go soon. Worth a visit. The link has video but no idea how long it will be up for.

The tri crowd would think my main activity for the day was a short run, 50 minutes, 7.75 K down into Fish Creek along my regular loop. Again, a perfect temperature for running, not a cloud in the sky. I started easy to get warmed up, and then ran at whatever pace my legs wanted, varying a bit now and then. They seemed to like it. I started easy, and settled into a nice stride. I was visualizing an easy spin, with my legs doing their thing, but not working hard. I think my heels are coming up off the ground higher.

Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice, so I'm planning an easy bike ride, maybe a couple to 3 hours. Anyone want to join me heading west on 22X? Give me a call or email. I'm thinking of heading out after it stops being cold, and before it gets hot.

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  1. Sounds lovely. But, did a I miss something? Didn't see any mention of wine.


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