Thursday, September 8, 2011

The dreaded LRT

Summer has finally arrived in Calgary. It's beautiful out. Pity I'm in the office. Maybe I should have joined my team mates and taken vacation. Then again, silence is golden, and all that.

Now, when I say beautiful out, I mean, seriously beautiful. No clouds. Warm and sunny. But not too warm, we're talking 28 to 30 C (call it low to mid 80's F). Perfect for being outside and doing stuff, even fairly strenuous stuff, like running or biking. This is as nice as it gets here, though -20 C and sunny has it's charms too.

I got lucky and got both a seat and an air conditioned LRT on the way home from work. This let me work a little bit, actually work. I found a neat iPad app that lets me record a meeting, while taking notes with my finger or typing. I note how many minutes when I miss something, or there is something I want to go over again. Amazing how much listening to something a second time helps the comprehension. There's a few other meetings I wish I'd recorded. Anyone that knows the difference, in SAP, between WBS Sets and Groups, please feel free to email me.

Even better the train rolled up just as I punched my ticket, and there was a bus waiting at the station when I got off the train. Aside from the bus being over full of teenagers, all was good. Teenagers amuse me, though no doubt they would be offended at just what amuses me about them. They're such posers in public.

The run was pretty good, though I had my doubts at first. My right knee was making some interesting clicks and noises as I flexed it during warm up. Have you ever done that, put your fingers on a joint as you flex it, so you can both feel and listen to the noises? I'm never quite sure whether to be alarmed, amused, or interested.

I actually ran 30 minutes, with some warm up and cool down walking. Once I got going everything was good, though with it being so warm out I decided to run at what my lungs and heart would let me do. It didn't take much to get them thinking about crawling out of my throat, so I'd slow down a bit to recover, then pick it up again.

Once home was the really good part of the day. BBQ lamb roast. Baked potatoes. Barolo. Even though it's still early I'm just about ready for bed. Except there's a cat, trying to help me write my blog. Amelia says hi, and why isn't she being attention-ated? Good question. Bye.

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  1. Your title says it all!! If you can get on one of the air conditioned trains and get a seat it isn't bad. If you have to stand like a sardine in a stuffy train it's just bad!!


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