Thursday, August 25, 2011

My legs are being weird

I haven't run since Sunday. Monday my left leg was feeling a bit cranky, and sitting too much didn't help. It's been sort of cranky off and on. Even walking has had a bit of a limp going. Stretching has helped, and today was the first day I thought I could actually run.

So I did some limbering up and gentle stretches, especially working on my lower back and left hip. Walked briskly, and started running easy. Very easy. I settled into a nice pace fairly quickly, and my feet felt light. I naturally found myself running a bit faster and that was all good. Then I found that my legs wanted to run faster than my lungs or heart were willing to put up with.

The achey crankiness I had walking, got better as I started running, and felt better yet as I ran faster. That wasn't going to last long since I had no intention of putting in a hard run, so I slowed down. Things got cranky again, then better when I sped up. I was out for about a half hour, and did a good walk back home. Then more stretching. I'm at the point where I think a good click will happen during a stretch or a twist, and I'll feel a lot better even for walking. Here's hoping it happens soon.

I've had several suggestions for the 1000'th post, thanks very much! The suggestion box is still open.

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  1. I always feel like I run "better" when I run fast, although it's not always a speed I can sustain long.

    For your 1000 post you could do 10 x 10 x 10 of something.


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