Friday, August 26, 2011


One of the people in IMC lists his profession as a flamingo herder. In Edmonton of all places. Who knew such a thing existed?

I've been looking over the list of participants, and have found 21 people I'm going to follow. I know most of them. A few I follow their blogs. And one of them, 3235 Sister Madonna Buder has the stones to tackle Ironman at more than 80 years of age. I wish her, and all my buddies, and everyone else in the race, the best day of their lives. If I'm organized I'll have fb chat, regular chat, and email on the go from early afternoon on. Feel free to drop me a line.

Here's the list of people I'm following, in number order. I sure hope I haven't missed anyone!

Number Name
33 Ulli B
36 Sara G
42 Jacqui G
208 Josh K
775 Todd H
780 Dan B
1635 Chuck K
1868 Dave T
2338 Tawnee P
2518 Richelle L
2553 Amber H
2594 Julie A
2600 Jennifer M
2710 Leanne S
2747 Lorraine C
2917 Tessa P
2979 Patty I
3115 Valeska T
3182 Jill K
3195 Lana S
3235 Madonna B

I was in the pool twice this week! This was another half hour, some regular swim, some kick, and some pull. It's coming together. That's about all there is to be said about it. How quickly one falls from routinely swimming an hour to an hour and a half, 4 times a week, to this. But it will come back quickly. My muscles are already remembering what needs to be done.

More plans being made for blog 1000. Still open for suggestions.

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  1. Hard to believe it has been a year since our Ironman Canada! The year has flown by! Can't wait to track all my friends tomorrow too!


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