Wednesday, February 9, 2011


No, not me, the day. Zoom. It seems like just a few minutes ago I was getting into a nearly empty pool. I shared the lane with a succession of people that seemed to swim a few laps, then go away. The high point was passing the guy doing front crawl with fins. After a short warmup I got into the groove for a K or so. Then some dolphin kick and pull. Lots of arm drill. It takes one minute and 25 seconds to front kick with board for 50 m, which nearly knackers me. I don't know how some people, mostly women, can do that far faster than me for length after length. Smiling and chatting all the while. Oh, and I finally figured out how to swim backstroke properly! Here I've been trying to keep my arms straight. Duh. 1.25 hours.

Then a bit of shopping before my Chiro/ART appointment. I love that bakery. My knee is doing really well. My back was all tight so he worked on that a bit. The crickle crackle noises alarm me.

More shopping, dodging geezers at Co-op. The security guard that sometimes stands at the door doing nothing should be administering a smell check on the way in. I'm sure the lettuce was wilting in the wake of that one geezer. *I* nearly wilted when I got down wind briefly. I wanted to send him through the car wash. I'm sure anyone that was near him would have chipped in.

On the bike. Easy warm up, making sure my knee was feeling ok. 20 minutes at 90 rpm in what I'm thinking of as my steady pace gear, for now at least. Second one down, big ring. Then some easy pedal, some spin ups, and a good cool down. One hour. Stretched. Knee is good. Legs didn't mind spin.

Then (deep breath) quicklunch,shower,dodishes,someofficehousekeeping,email,somehousetidying,somecataffection,shoveldriveway,headuptoairporttopickupsisterinlaw,pickupLindaatLRTstation,home,makesaladwhileLindadoesomlettes,chat,washdisheswhileLindatakesSistohoteltorestupfortwolongdaysofmeetings,takeoutgarbage,updateblog.

Almost bedtime.

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  1. The whole post makes me want to go back to bed! So tired! What a productive day you had. I see the shark scared all the fish away...


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