Thursday, February 3, 2011

Should've been on the bike 2 hrs. Maybe 3.

Renfrew pool was full of kids for a swim club this morning, so I didn't even try to go there. For that and another reason I scoped out Inglewood. Guess what? It was half full of kids as well. Plus ice cold showers going in. Yuck. Renfrew has kids Tues and Thurs. Inglewood kids Mon, Tues, AND Thurs. Sigh. Next I'll be breaking out the SCBA equipment and checking out Canyon Meadows, though I hope not.

The other thing about Inglewood is the shallow end. It's really shallow. The tiles in the deck floor say 3 feet. I remembered where the water level was on my body and I've just measured: 32 inches. You need to keep your focus doing flip turns! It's easily shallow enough I could scrape my fingernails on the bottom of the pool while swimming.

I swam 1.25 hrs, easy warmup, regular stuff, easy cool down to be sure all the kids were gone. By the end I essentially had the pool to myself. No special communion with the water today. Too much thinking about turns and keeping track of other people.

Once home I had a snack, did a few things, then got on the bike. I put True Lies on the computer just because I was in the mood. Warmed up then did several 10 hard at 90 rpm in second gear from the top, then 5 easy. That went really well. Then gradually worked up through the gears, seeing what my knee would think of the bigger gears. Better, even did some standing drill. Eased back and cooled down, finishing at 1.5 hrs.

Did a few more things then headed off to get Linda and go to SAIT. First was the marketplace, where we saw this. Good chocolate. Different kinds, milk, light, and dark. But you can't see the important part here.

Look a bit closer, down at the bottom right corner. Yeah. An 11 pound bar of chocolate. Keep that in mind.

We went upstair to the Highwood for dinner. This is where the kids at SAIT learn all about the restaurant business. They do everything. It's won a bunch of awards for their food. Here's the menu. Scroll down a bit for the link to the menu itself. It's worth a look. We each had an appetizer, soup, salad, main course, and dessert. I had a drink called a Blue Hawaii that was really good, and a glass of red wine with the meal. In addition they gave us a little gelato before the main course, and after the dessert came this chocolate confection as a complimentary treat. The inukshuk was chocolate. Now you know where the market is for those big bars. The food is wonderful and extremely reasonably priced! The menu choices are $44 for everything, which is less than what many places charge for much worse food. If you haven't been, make a reservation for you and your sweetie, you won't regret it.

I almost regret all the chocolate, good as it was. I'm feeling the spin now, with tired legs, but all those calories made me wish I'd stayed on the bike, or in the pool longer. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.


  1. Sounds like a great dinner! Will have to check it out sometime. That dessert looks amazing!

    I would like one of those chocolate bars...

    I saw the sign for the school kids-I will try to avoid going the same time they are there.

  2. I go to the Marketplace daily...I try to avoid going early in the morning or all the old folks from the Rosedale community will kick your word of lie. They hoard like no tomorrow and throw a few elbows out for good measure!

    Seriously though, they prepare terrific take home meals dirt cheap as well as their cuts of meat are cheaper than your typically grocery store.

    Glad you guys enjoyed the Highwood menu this term...I haven't been yet but I think our dept are doing the brunch some time this term.


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