Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One of those days

There I was this morning, waking up just before the alarm clock. Snuggled in. Not too hot. Blankets just the right weight on me. Not tangled around me, or flapping loose. Nothing hurt. No urgent need to move. I easily could have snoozed more. I didn't have the slightest desire to get out of bed.

Unfortunately, I needed to. Back into the pool again, only an hour today. Lots of drill. I was mildly amused that my fist drill was faster than the guy thrashing in the next lane. But I was sure feeling weak and feeble, and not totally with it.

The theory was to bottle another wine kit, a Brunello (one of our faves!), then run. Hopefully it would have warmed up, because this morning was still cold. I didn't drop any bottles, but it was a near thing. I was just clumsy, and it seemed like things weren't going smoothly. There was water all over the place.

When the time came to get dressed for a run, I didn't. I'm not sure if I've overdone the kick stuff in the pool, or my legs are tired from yesterday's spin, or what. But I sure didn't feel like going for a run on slippery paths, with tired and floppy legs, in sub-zero weather. I feel like a nap. Maybe I'll summon some ambition and do a core session later. Maybe I'll


  1. I think you have totally earned the right to take a day off running -- especially a day like this one!

  2. Maybe I'll.....LOL!! Love that you got sidetracked right off your blog. :) :)

    Naps are ALWAYS a good thing!!


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