Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nothing, nothing, and a bike

Friday was the work thing again. Tired legs. Saturday was my normal rest day, legs still tired, but my back is gradually feeling better.

I was thinking about doing a brick, but my running choices are this. Go early and run on thin, very slippery ice everywhere. Go later and run in meltwater that still might have ice underneath it. My non running choices involved dry feet and no slips. It's been warm the last couple days so the water is running. It would be nice to run outside, if the footing wasn't so treacherous.

Biked 2 hours, feeling fairly strong. Started with leg exercises and some stretching for a half hour. Easy warrmup. Some 90 rpm steady ride, with easy pedal in between. 6 minutes in the next harder gear at 90, or almost, so there's some improvement. Added in some hill gears for a minute at a time. Even stood up for a little bit and that all felt pretty good. Easy cooldown with some spin ups. Stretched after.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Someone was sure interested in my blog the other day. Now I'm curious. Again. I'm just guessing some insomniac decided that my blog would put them to sleep, and it took 34 posts to do it. I'm not sure if I should be pleased or insulted.

Weekly Summary
Swim 5.25 hrs
Bike 4.0 hrs
Run 1.75 hrs
Total cardio 11 hrs, which I think is the most I've done since IMC. Yay me!
Core 2.25 but no yoga this week.
Next week will be shorter as I ease into my new job.


  1. Nice job on the bike! The pathways were nasty around here as well. I don't think morning runs are going to happen until more of the snow is gone.

    That's funny about the spike in views. I get spikes after I update my blog, but not usually other then that.

  2. LOL...If it had been on the 10th, when hour blog was titled "Breast Day" I'd understand the spike, but "Zoom"? I don't get it either...

  3. We got your weather this morning in Ontario, everything is frozen and icy.

    You have me curious about the spike. Hmm, maybe I will check my own stats ..


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