Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The kids in the pool

But first, if you're a reader and haven't satisfied my curiosity, please click the link and do so.

Today was the first time swimming at Renfew with the local high school swim club in the pool. My lifeguard buddy was saying that last Thursday the kids were just about the only ones in the pool. "The regulars scattered," she said. There sure weren't many regulars today. Mr Outboard started a bit early and was done just as I was starting, and Mr. Elegant shared a lane for most of the swim. There were a few people in my lane at first, but people kept leaving. At one point I was doing dolphin on my back, getting close to the wall when I was stopped early. I was a bit startled since I didn't think anyone was there, but the kids had taken over one more lane. I didn't mind moving at all, since there was hardly anyone in the rest of the pool.

Just 1.25 hrs in the pool today. Did 10 x 100 on 2:15, each 100 was between 95 and 100 seconds. Everything else was as usual.

Downtown for a meeting to sign a work contract, then home, and out for a run. It's beautiful out, sunny, and only -20 C (-4 F), and most of my neighbours have shoveled their sidewalks. Ran 45 minutes, trying to be steady at the top of zone 2, but mainly making sure of my footing. There's still lots of ice out there, hiding under the snow. Walked and stretched afterward.

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  1. From the title I figured it would be a poop story.


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