Saturday, February 26, 2011

Easy almost warm run

Today is the first nice day in a while so I was determined to run. It's normally my rest day, but I took it Thursday AND Friday. I have no guilt. I go by what my legs will put up with. They've been a bit cranky and sore the last little while. Yoga really took it out of me for some reason.

It's almost warm out there, just below zero C, but with a stiff cool wind bringing it down to -11 C (12 F) windchill. But I didn't care. It's sunny and warm enough that I thought about wearing shorts, but didn't. I did my 7.75 K loop in 56:30, then ran really easy to bring it up to an hour, and walked after. The run started after about 20 minutes of core and leg exercises. At first it felt slow, but soon my legs and feet got with the program. This was an easy run, looking for an efficient stride. The only time I was breathing hard was pushing it up the hill out of Fish Creek. Toward the very end my low back was stiffening up a bit. I'm not sure why. That's never happened before. Legs and feet are happy.

Linda had been shopping while I was running and brought home sushi!

Tomorrow if my legs still feel good I will seriously consider spin class. Seriously.


  1. You kill me Kieth... 10F and sunny, so you're thinking of shorts....hahahahaha

    BTW... You were part of my motivation to run in the rain this morning. I didn't want you to think I was a wimp :-)

  2. Yay for the run! It's been warm for a few days around here, but now it's back to freezing temps!

  3. Loving the slightly warmer temps! I'm not breaking out the shorts for a long time yet though.

    I think you should post a picture when you do though, because I suspect there will still be snow on the ground...

  4. Linda is such a keeper.

    Yoga kills my quads too. Anytime we have to hold a warrior pose for more than 5 seconds, I want to topple over and wave a white flag.

    You are samrt to listen to your body.


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