Monday, February 21, 2011

Coming out of a rest week

Last week was quiet on the workout and blog front as I settled into the new office. I'm pretty pleased with how it's gone so far, and they seem the same, which is always a good thing. Now to try to workout for a reasonable number of hours, AND get a regular work week done. The weekly summary below is for last week, and I suppose I should have written it up on Sunday along with some brilliant thoughts I've been having about training. Maybe later

Today is a holiday in Alberta so the city pools are either closed or overrun with kids. Lane swimming is futile. I wanted to swim so I shelled out the big bucks to go to the Talisman Centre. Plus I knew I'd meet Katie there, which made it all worthwhile.

Swam 1.25 hours with my regular mix of stuff, swim, arm drill, lots of fin dolphin kick, pull, some 100 m intervals, and cool down. Katie and I ran back and forth in the deep end and chatted. No float belt. It was a wonderful time and the 1.5 hrs passed in a blink.

Then I met up with Mike and Jamilla as we had a snack after. They'd been there for hours too.

All in all I like the facility, even if it's mega$$$, and I have to wiggle my lock onto the locker closures. The showers are way better, and people with a privacy fetish can retreat into an actual cubicle with a shower curtain and everything. The lockers are wider than I'm used to, so even the half height lockers have lots of room. But rental is a loonie!!! Eek. Gotta be rich to go there, or get a subsidy from your work.

Weekly Summary
Swim .75 hrs
Bike 1.0 hrs
Run .75 hrs
Total cardio 2.5 hrs
Core about 2 hrs.

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