Monday, February 7, 2011

A blah weekend.

Friday was a big day for me, but it didn't involve a workout. I should find out next week how it turns out. (And it turned out excellent!) I did get a good core workout though, an hour's worth of stretching, my leg exercises, and core stuff. My legs were a bit sore Thursday evening and Friday, so the stretching and stuff was good. Mostly they were ok for the weekend, but weren't feeling strong and wanting a workout. Maybe I'm being a slacker, but at the moment I don't HAVE to do the workouts. If I'd been on a plan I'd have probably forced myself into it, but I'm still in a mind place where I'm doing workouts because they feel good and are fun. I do not want to drive myself back into the pit of tired workouts.

I admit I'm still finding the balance, though it's a bit better this week. If there'd been one more run I think it would have been just about right. A goal for next week.

Saturday and Sunday were blah has far as workouts went. My sleep patterns were weird, getting up really early, not feeling rested, and yet not being able to sleep. It reminded me a bit of what I was like doing shift work, which is not good at all.

The big output on Saturday was my rant about overpaid CEO's. Sunday I was up early again, really early. I thought about getting onto the bike and spinning then doing a short run. I thought about it a lot, but I didn't do it. It's really icy out there anyway. I felt really full and bloated most of the day, which is very unusual for me.

When you make your own wine you end up dealing with a lot of bottles. If you're really good about rinsing them out right after pouring the glasses, they aren't hard to keep clean. But some wines leave a bit of film, and the water spots gradually build up, as does label goo and sometimes a tiny bit of cork residue. I'm fussy about my glass, and like to make sure it's clean. When I bottled the red last week I found a bunch more bottles that didn't meet my standards so they go into the bleach box. By the end of the bottling I had more than 2 dozen. That's about the right number to bleach.

Bleaching involves putting 8 bottles at a time into a bleach solution in a 20 L pail. I let them sit a while to let the bleach eat anything that's on the glass. A bit of scrubbing in the neck with a brush, and swooshing with a bunch of tiny ball bearings usually removes anything that doesn't belong. Occasionally there is a bottle with a really tough film. I put a bit of straight bleach in and let it soak. That deals with it.

From the bleach solution they are rinsed and got into another pail filled with a pink stuff solution. The pink stuff is a cleanser. I use it to make sure there is no bleach residue. Then they get rinsed again, and left to dry.

I've now got lots of clean bottles and a white wine kit to bottle, probably tomorrow. After all of that, I did about a half hour of core, mostly leg stuff, but including push ups. I was wondering if I should count all the time shaking the bottles with the ball bearings in them as core, but didn't.

Weekly Summary
Swim 4.75 hrs
Bike 2.75 hrs
Run 1.0
Total cardio 8.5 hrs
Core 3.75 hrs

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  1. With your swim and my run we could have a perfect triathlon training plan. LOL. I had a rough week too, for different reasons, but still blah! Hope for a better week for both!


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