Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I was given a bug shower

I rode my hybrid to the Chi Running class, up the 37 St path and through the Weaselhead to North Glenmore park. It takes about 25 minutes nice and easy one way. I probably couldn't drive there that fast. Class starts at 7 and ends at 8:30. Or so. Today went a little long so I was riding home in twilight. When the bugs are out. One of the bits of advice is to breath through your nose when riding and running at a training pace. I had to on the way home or I would have blown my diet on bug protein. It was a constant stream of bug impacts. So we'll say 45 minutes easy spin.

The main part of class was running back and forth, working on all the fine points. Charles offered feedback while Grant had us run in a semi circle to video us. It turns out that much about my run is good - nice mid sole strike, pretty good posture, heels coming up well, good hand and arm position. The main thing is that I lead with my chin, leading me to arch my back, then my arms start going up and forward, and my posture goes to hell. I need to be sure that I'm aligning my column, not just bending forward and poking out my butt.

There were several times when I could feel myself in the sweet spot, running with soft legs, quiet impact, feeling relaxed, elbows hitting the buttons behind, head aligned with chin tucked. For about 6 steps. Much practice needed.

My next book is The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet, by Colleen McCullough. It's the sequel to Pride and Prejudice.

The big adventure today was reinstalling a glass pane in a screen door. Of course, it was the stationary pane that broke. Somehow. There is a surprising amount of fiddling to get everything back together. The wind trying to blow the door open, or closed didn't help. I ended up propping it open by dorsiflexing my foot, which stresses sore muscles. What puzzles me is that all the screw holes are filled, everything works, and I have two screws left over.

Lastly, I'm signed up for a bike fit next Tues done by a guy recommended by both Katie and Cath. Thanks guys!


  1. You know what's REALLY alarming? Taking my bike out of my car and finding a long black screw that seemingly came out of nowhere...For a few panic-stricken moments, I thought my bike is broken!! But, I tell you, I have no idea where that screw came from, and I've ridden on my bike and nothing fell apart!

  2. you got a chance to practice breathing through your nose while exercising! LOL. i really like the chi running. am glad we took the class!

  3. hmmmm I'm tempted to change my position for next season. I'm comfy, but sometimes I wonder if I could be lower/narrower and still be comfy and get the same power.

  4. Keith any true mechanic/repair person has a drawer full of left of pieces from things he put back together!! Obviously it was an oversight at the factory!!

  5. Can't wait to hear about bike fitting, that's exciting. I hate bugs! And moreso, I hate them while riding my bike!

  6. Who is the person you are doing your bike fit through? I am thinking of buying a new bike later this fall/winter and would like to hire an indidival to shop with me and help me get dialed in.

    Hope all is well...sushi soon?


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