Friday, August 14, 2009

Blackberries rule!

And some of you thought that I'd upgraded my phone. Sheesh. Look at the size of these!

And they are sweet and just a little bit tart, totally perfect! Linda will be making another blackberry crisp or cobbler this weekend. I'll pause here for a moment so that some of you can go wipe up the drool.

Hmmmm, why do I suddenly think we've greatly increased the chances of people 'just dropped in to say hi' this weekend?

Yesterday I was feeling a bit creaky. The bit of hill running we did really tightened up my calves. I'd been so looking forward to my massage session, then it got moved to today. Essentially, I didn't do any workout stuff yesterday. Today isn't much better, unless you call a massage session a workout. Maybe for Kate, my wonderful therapist. I put my feet up for a while after and did some stretching.

After a bunch of people were tipped off that my birthday is about now, and they very kindly sent me birthday wishes, I should say thank you very much. I've had so many of them I don't much pay attention anymore.

Still hoping the weather clears up and I can get in a nice ride this weekend. Not too hard, not too far. Any takers for company?


  1. It's 6:20am and I am eating a huge bowl of oatmeal, then heading out for 6 hours of riding from Longview - Highwood Pass and can join me!! LOL!!!!! :) :) :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Keef!!! Yeah, I usually just hope they pass. A blackberry cobbler with some vanilla ice cream. I'm so there.

  3. Blackberries are crazy good! Just enjoyed fresh Washington blackberries from a stand, but since we were on the road, we couldn't make crisp or cobbler. Love a good cobbler. And the dessert is good too. ;)


  4. holy crap that'd taste good with my yogurt and nuts mixture. mmmmmmmmmm You're not going to tell us where they came from?

  5. YUM! I hope you enjoyed that cobbler, delish!!! And hope the birthday was awesome!!!!!


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