Monday, June 29, 2009

A recovery run in the sun and wind

My legs weren't sure what to think about going for a run today. Even though I've been gently stretching and massaging them, especially my calves and hamstrings, they are still feeling a bit weak and tight.

Started off with an easy walk, then a slow run. Talk about clunky and heavy. Thud thud thud. The houses were shaking, I'm sure of it. After a few minutes it smoothed out. I deliberately kept it slow, and tried to run smoothly and lightly, focusing on my posture. I was trying to make sure I was aligned vertically, with my legs centered underneath me.

After about 20 min I let myself gradually speed up a bit, and varied my speed up and down, trying to keep a nice smooth stride, and find something comfortable for my legs. There was about 10 minutes where it was really good, then my legs started getting tired and heavy again. I pushed it for about 10 minutes more, then dialed it back for 5 minutes, then walked to cool down. Lots of stretching and massage after. Total 45 minutes running, and at least that much again warmup, cool down, and stretching.

Now, walking around the house, I can still feel the tightness in my calves, and my achilles area. Linda is on vacation this week, and gave me a nice massage. That seems to help.

Since I started doing this a while ago, my calves have consistently been the tightest muscles, and the ones most likely to cramp. Especially the left one. I don't know if the problem is my running stride or my bike fit, or my weight, or if it's an age and lack of conditioning thing. In any case, it's something I should get figured out.


  1. Fit, bike fit, hey how about the bike fit;)? I kid but only kinda! Keep working out those muscles, foam roller or the Stick, some massage should help get you right again.

  2. did ya do the chi run thing??? oh, tp's too. not toilet paper, but it's a roller that hits trigger points. they have them at tri-it. :)

  3. ART may be really helpful to get out some deep knots. That is my go to treatment as soon as I get an ache or a pain. You can find a list of registered providers here:


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