Monday, June 8, 2009


So flat a pancake looks high.

I was part way through my swim this morning, cruising along, not fast, but better than I have been recently, when it suddenly came to me I'd slipped back to the 'old' normal, and part of the reason was that I was taking little tiny baby breaths. I started rolling a bit more, breathing deeper, and trying to put a bit more effort into it. Of course, when you start concentrating on one part of your stroke the rest goes to shite. Then I noticed my hands were crossing the centre line big time out front and I started wondering how long that had been going on. Things sort of fell apart after that, so I was just under 30 min for 1500 m. Tried some drill. Blah. Nearly drowned. Balance in the water is totally off. Golf scores 84 and 85. The pool felt really long today. Really really long. Suffered through an hour in the pool, and 15 minutes of core work in the dive tank.

When I got home again I went back to bed. I don't often do this, but even getting good sleep most evenings I am not as rested as I'd like to be.

The run, if you want to call it that, was total, utter, and complete shite. I didn't particularly want to go, but drove myself through my normal pre-run routine. I figured it's gotten better before. There I am, running easy at a relaxed warm up pace, wondering:
  • why I'm breathing so hard, as in almost gasping

  • if I'm going to puke.

  • why my feet hurt, when they have never complained before during a run.

  • why one spot on my left shin keeps feeling like a bee stung it. A BIG bee.

  • why my left knee is going squeak squeak squeak.

  • why I can't focus on the run, and my brain keeps wandering away. Good thing I've got it on a leash these days.

  • why I can't get any rhythm, no flow, no groove.

  • if they did some subtle construction on the path because my feet keep tripping over stuff.

  • why I'm being such a weenie about the temperature; it's either too warm when the sun is out, or too cold when its not.

  • why I can't even run up a small hill. Like a teeny tiny hill. The one from 37 st back into the neighbourhood.

  • how long I'm going to put up with feeling like this before it either gets better or I call it off.

I lasted 18 minutes and walked back to the house. That's probably one of the very worst runs I've ever had. I'm not even going to count it as a workout.


  1. It sounds like just an off day all around. It is days like these that help us appreciate all of the good days.

  2. Definitely count it as a aworkout-it will make your next good run seem that much sweeter. Plus, you suffered through 18 minutes-that definitely makes you stronger, which also deems it a workout.

    Way to gut through it. And I love that you went home and got back in bed. I do that often, too :).

  3. last night at sangha my friend told me that every third run is usually shite. not sure how true that is, but we had a good brick run on sunday, so maybe you were due for a shite run and the next one will be great!

  4. It's the weather -- it sucks the life force right out of me too. BLAH is right.

    By the way, my friend Cath asked me to relay a message to you!! A long while ago you posted a comment on her blog (Great Bear Lodge) and she meant to respond, but life got away from her! I was visiting with her yesterday in Fernie, and she made me promise to tell you, "Hi!" :) :) :)

  5. I think you might need a break too. Just a tiny one? Like one whole day off, maybe concentrating all your tri efforts on wine making? And cookie eating? Just a thought.

    Things will improve. And, I would definitely count it as a workout!

    Hang in there.....

  6. As you know...I have had many a run like this one...hang in just makes you more keen for the next one!!!

    And certainly count as a workout!! A mental workout!!

  7. Sometimes, rest is best! Take it, enjoy it and let the body (and mind) heal a little. If it's still shitty, take TWO days if you need. No worries, you're not going to lose it;)

  8. Maybe your immune system's fighting a virus and it's using up all your energy to keep you healthy?

    You never know when the blah days will come but they don't last forever.


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