Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pre-Oly warmup

Today was a very light workout.
Biked about 12.6 k around the neighbourhood, keeping cadence up and effort down. Three loops done in 10:30, 9:39, and 8:30 at an average cadence of 95. Then off the bike for a short run around a 2 K loop, and then a bit in the green space. Mostly chugged along, but did a few bits at a faster pace. Never got out of breath, but was up at the top of zone 3 briefly based on breathing. Ran in the park on grass, then did some stretching on the ball diamond bleachers. Legs feel pretty good. Just yesterday they were a bit tight, so I'm planning to stretch lots today. Home, SIGNED UP FOR 70.3!!! Stretched, showered, puttered around getting ready for the race tomorrow.

Picked up my race package yesterday, lots of goodies in it. Plus it came in a nice mesh bag with shoulder straps. It's not big enough for everything, but just about everything except the wetsuit will fit in it.

Looking forward to finally meeting Julie. Her and Susi are supposed to drop in before their ride on Nepal. I'm crushed and heartbroken that Susi won't let me ride with them today. Something about making me be good for the race, and giving the same advice IG would give. Maybe it's just as well.

More news after Canmore!

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