Monday, July 7, 2008

Need my blog fix!!!!

Come on guys!! I'm begging you here. Noon, and no news yet 'cept for Kelsey. I'm dying to know how you all did!

Swim this am was a slow and relaxing swim. 20 min maybe 1 K, water was really warm. Played with stroke a bit. Did lots of stretching at the end of the lane, then more in the hot tub.

Talked to one of my co-workers that does a lot of running. His guess is that there's nothing really wrong, or there'd be more pain. I think he was channeling IG when he keyed in on stretching, or the shortage thereof. Encouraged me to stretch more. Way more. First yoga class in a while tonight, more news if I survive.


  1. TO be fair Jenna is probably asleep on the side of the road somewhere in Saskatchewan!

    Susi is still away

    I have no excuse for Julie or Darryl.

    Though if you know how to unplug a water logged ear I could use come suggestions if you are looking for something to do this afternoon!

  2. Stretching is underrated -- I think it should be emphasized a lot more in training. I notice problems right away if I stop my stretching routine. :) :)

  3. Hey !! I never fell asleep:) at all on my way home and was still awake at midnight doing laundry and then up at 6:30 doing more of the same and then off to get groceries for RV packing - I am on speed or all the gels i took in are just kicking in a bit late :) We missed you Keith and my blog is ready so u can get your fix!!

  4. two words for ya, GWN and colonoscopy.

    now that those are over, blog posted. just wait till i write about the colonoscopy!


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