Wednesday, March 12, 2008

tired swim that turned out good

The IGP called for 45 minute swim this am. I was tired from the spin last night, and didn't sleep well. Well, the first part of the night was good sleep, then woke up to deal with bio-pressures, then never got back to sleep. My brain revved up thinking about work stuff, thinking about the Chinook tri and getting ready for it, going through the procedure to change a tire (remembering to loosen the little valve stem first), thinking about transition details, thinking about the road to Nepal and other outdoor rides I want to do, ect, ect, ect. At least I wasn't thrashing around like a wounded water buffalo to the point where my wife kicks me out of bed.

I digress, back to the workout.
30:24, I think maybe 1550 m, but I wasn't keeping track. It started slowish, but picked up, and for a while it seemed like I was getting big handfuls of water, and having a nice strong stroke. Then 15 minutes core work.

But the real story started when I was in the dive tank. You have to know the girl I was sharing the lane with is a good swimmer. She was already working out when I got there, doing pull bouys and paddles, alternating with fins and flutter board. I passed her a couple of times, she passed me. She's really good about sharing, and we were both having a great workout.

So after I leave for the dive tank, I next see her standing there in the middle of the lane having a heated discussion with some guy. This jerk started swimming in the wrong direction, and ran into her. Like ran right into her, not just stopping short or brushing by due to last second change of direction. Long conversation in the middle of the pool. Then they drag in the lifeguard for more conversation at the end of the lane. She starts swimming again, and this jerk is ragging on the lifeguard. For a long time. He simply will not let it go.

The hot tub consensus was 3 zip that this guy was wrong, and was making a total ass of himself. When leaving the pool I saw him complaining to the pool foreman. She was not amused. Talk about making a federal case of it! Did he go there to swim or to ruin everybody else's day? All I can say is that he should be glad he didn't try to join the lane with me still swimming there. Talk about getting your day ruined. Grrrr.


  1. Ouch what a terrible way to mess with a morning swim. I shall never complain about toe tappers again!

    A trick someone taught me to fall asleep when you mind is racing is to give all the letter in the alphabet a gender. I've never made it past J.

    P.S. I would be very afraid to mess with you in the pool!

  2. see, pool guys like that make me fantisize about the shovel meting their skulls and the "ting" contact would make...

  3. great swim Keith...and i think you should have walked/swam over to him and went GRRRRR!!

  4. Hahahaha! What a complete dodo! I just about had a conniption fit when that happened to me -- an elderly lady swam right into me. There had already been some issues that day with parents bringing their kids into the lane -- %$#%%!! So, I swam right over to the side and got out, muttering to myself the whole time. I don't swim in Pincher anymore...

    We should sick qt's shark attack and Jennalicious the Vicious on that dude!!

    Keith -- I think you should have walked right over and cannon-balled him!!!! LOL!!!

  5. 'ting' Jenna?! i'm having a coughing fit now from laughing so hard at that. damn - we must be related, haha.

    mo and i swam into each other once (miscommunication), and hit our heads. damn did it hurt, so i can imagine how this gal felt. i'd have shown him five foot two of fury for sure! urgh.


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