Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tingly butt

There, I knew that would get your attention. Technically, at the moment I'm free of the IGP™. So I could do anything I wanted!! But I'm sure IG will have been thinking about our plans, and will get them sent out to all of us as soon as he's home

10 min warmup, feeling the tingly butt as I got comfey on the bike. For a while I thought it might be bad, but then it got ok. Wrists were a bit sore, but overall it was ok.
5 x 30 seconds smooth and fast, 90 seconds recovery. Concentrating on smooth, I ended up at not quite 120 or so with no bouncing. I guess that core work is paying off.
6 x 5 hard at top zone 2, 5 easy bottom of zone 2, alternating between easy gear high rpm, and harder gear slow rpm.
10 min cool down with a couple of high speed smooth spins tossed in for good measure.

Only odd thing is that every now and this I got this odd noise like my rear gears changed by half a gear or so. Nothing appeared to be moving, just some funny clicks, and I could feel it on the pedals. But that's balanced by a good thing! I got onto the drops for some reason, which I normally don't. The reason I don't is the feeling of thighs thwhaping the molson's muscle isn't very nice. I can still feel it happening, but it's not like my tummy is being pummeled.

short transition (didn't time it today.)
Nice and easy run. I tried to keep my heart rate under 120, but it seemed to settle in at the mid-120's.
About 4 Km in 35 minutes.
5 minutes walking cooldown

The weather out is beautiful! Such a nice day for a run. I had to dial it back for fear of getting carried away and going much too hard. I suppose if I was really on the ball I could dig out the hybrid and go for a fun ride.

Then about a half hour of yoga, write the blog, nice shower, and hang around waiting for my massage therapist to show up.
2 hours workout.

Weekly total
Swim 1.75 hr
Bike 3 hr
Run 1.25 hr
Total 6 hr


  1. Great job....and I know all about the tummy and the thighs. I often wondered if that reduced the efficiency of my pedal stroke ....

  2. YOu swam 7 and three quarter hours last week??!! Holy SHOOT!

  3. Oops. Typo. Fixed. Happy someone is reading carefully!

  4. lol..i was thinking the same thing ...

  5. I didn't use to like going into my drops until I got a shorter stem. Now I'm much happier! Now IG plan means PARTY TIME!

  6. I'm still all excited over the title of your entry... ;) LOL!!!


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