Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday surprise

Zoom, that's what the day did today. From the minute I got into work after my run, till we all bailed out for a going away party, it was zoom. Even over lunch I didn't get time to update my blog. Now it's 8:45, and those who know my workout sched will be expecting me to post about a run this am and a spin this evening. Surprise!

Run was 60 min R8/W2, with heart rate about 120. The average heart rate over the run was 117, peak 129, min 95, 868 calories. The run was pretty good, smooth at the beginning, and a little clunckier at the end as I was getting tired. Map my ride says 7.4 Km. Parked at the zoo for the first time, but probably won't do that again.

After work I got where I was meeting my wife after her Pilates class, and was early enough to have a nap. For a while. Work called, and I ended up driving back to the office, and trying to Fedex stuff out to Vancouver. After that was all over we went for dinner at our favourite restaurant, then home. Ugggg. My bag is packed for the morning swim and I can hear bed calling me.

Susi put me in contact with someone organizing a swim evaluation, and I sent them a nice email. Thanks Susi!. Though I suspect I know what the evaluation will say. Mostly a nice stroke, weak kick, slow as a toad, but don't get in his way. I will try to channel the shark during the evaluation, and let you all know how it turns out.


  1. First, get into lotus positon.

    Second, place backs of hands on knees, palms up and thumb and forefinger touching.

    Third, repeat the following "I am a stealth shark, OHMMMMM. I am a stealth shark, OHMMMM."

    Do this till you can't feel your legs any more because the circulation is cut off.

    It will help. I promise. :)

  2. Good luck on the evaluation -- at the very least it might help you not only channel the shark, but BE the shark. Ahhh yes... BE THE SHARK!!! LOL! :)


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