Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spin, and (gack) plank news

I got my copy of the IGP™ late last night. It all looks do-able, which I suppose is good. But that's not how I was going to start this blog. It was going to start "This is Keith's wife Linda, and I've got a bone to pick with Susi and you other girls that egged him on. He tried doing this plank thingie, and he just broke in the middle. He let out a pitiful squeak and spilled his guts all over a nice carpet in the basement. Good thing it didn't get on the books. I always feared he'd come to a bad end over a girl, but I always thought sex would be involved. There was enough grunting, though. You girls ought to be ashamed of yourselves, talking a poor innocent geezer into such things!"

However, even I can't keep a straight face through that. So, spin news.
10 min warm up.
5 x 30 seconds smooth acceleration to about max smooth rpm, about 115 to 120, then 90 seconds easy.
2 sets, 3 minutes hard, 2 easy. The hard started off on the big chainring easy cog, then into a harder gear every 30 seconds while maintaining 90 rpm. (spin trainer going WHIRRRRR)
5 x 2 hard 2 easy. This was in a medium cog, hard on big chainring, easy on small, all at 90 rpm.
10 min cooldown.

Total 60 minutes. I was thinking I'd try some shorter more intense sets to see if I could get my heartate up into the 140's, zone 4 for a brief period. I didn't really work at it, but it's clear my lungs and heart are stronger than my legs right now.

Then on to those planks. I had Linda watch me to make sure I was nice and straight, and not drooping. Linda really liked the abs on the guy in that video. She watched the video several times so that she could make sure I was doing it right!
30 seconds front plank
21 seconds left side
23 seconds right side
73 seconds wondering if I was gonna hurl.

Oh, and just for Julie, I tried a chinup. I can't do one either. This felt like a nice solid workout, but not overdoing it, sweating a bucket. Then leftover Indian food from the Clay Oven last night, and sweat some more. They do the best food, and their Naan bread is to die for.


  1. BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!! Peein myself laughing here. Oh! I just snorted. LOL.

    Nice abs on plank dude?? thinks me should go check out that video!

    Lastly, high five for doing planks dude!!!! Very proud of you.

  2. Fantastic job Keith!! hahahahahah! Good thing your wife watched the video a few more times just to make sure, eh? hahahahahaha!!!

    Hopefully, next week, you might only feel like hurling for 63 secs!!!

  3. Ha!!! I hear ya on the grunting. chuck told me I wasn;t suppose to be so noisey too But you put it into words like no other can!! Nice job!


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