Friday, March 14, 2008

Short, semi-intense swim

For someone who isn't sleeping all that well this week, it sure was difficult dragging my butt out of bed this morning. I got to the pool on time, and was fortunate to get into a lane with a guy that swims just about exactly as fast as I do. I swim neater though. Fricking goggles! I think it's time to get new ones. I'd tightened the strap a little while ago and it's been good, but today it was leak city. Very distracting.

250 m warmup. tired warmup. Stopped to clear out googles 3x. Reassessed plan to swim 2K aiming for personal best.
5 x 100 m on 2:30 start. Cleared out goggles between every interval.
250 m cooldown. tired cooldown.

The intervals were 95, 100, 100, 103, and 105 seconds each. Heartrate 140 or so at the end. Into the dive tank for 15 minutes of tired core and flexibility work. Lets call it 30 minutes overall.

The scale of truth said a light 237 again. It's odd, last week I was surprised to see it that low, and this week, I'm surprised to see it that high. I was feeling skinnier.

Home for breakfast, then all day in a business process and workflow modelling class at MRC. That happens again tomorrow. It will make for a very short weekend.


  1. Leaky goggles drive me crazy too. You can't concentrate on swimming, because you keep getting distracted by the goggles.

    Glad you made it to the swim, and got in a workout despite the "goggle incident." Hmmm... Perhaps if you don't get a new pair soon, the incident might explode into a full blown "Gogglegate!!" Shock! Horror! Scandal! :) :) lol!

  2. Drives me crazy as well. Also, against doctors advice I swim with my contacts in. which means leaky goggles = new pair of contacts!


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