Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sat Swim

The pool was closed yesterday. The plan all along had been to swim and ride today, then rest tomorrow. But I went for a ride yesterday, and want to go tomorrow. Such are the adjustments of life.

I told the Vulcan tri people I could swim 500m in 7-9 minutes. That's because I have done 9:20 or so as the first half of a K, and figured I could take 20 seconds off that if I didn't have to swim any further and the excitement of race day and all. Well, it's almost true. The 500 K this morning was 9:04, with a somewhat sloppy stroke. I think with IG herding me along, I'll be under the 9 min mark by June. I was happy I wasn't sharing a lane with Jenna or Kelly, since my 108 second 100's would be getting my tail kicked and toes tickled.

I did another 500 K easy, thinking about stroke mechanics, then did another 20 minutes of core work in the dive tank.
Total .66 hr swim.

The scale of truth gave me an astonishing number today. I'd been stuck at a slightly heavy 237 for a couple weeks, and this week I'm 233! I got picky with the scale, and it's actually 233.2. No wonder these jeans are falling off my butt. A year ago I couldn't get into them at all, too much gut and fat thighs. Now, they're getting to be too baggy to wear in public. Gotta love that!

We decided to get some goodies for breakfast from Cob's Bread. I'm having a cinamon bun, blueberry danish, and a chocolate croissant. And coffee. Well, maybe not all the goodies all at once. Well, maybe...

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