Thursday, March 13, 2008

I found a running pace!

It was just lying there, nobody was using it, honest!

The IGP called for 45 6/2 this am, but I got all confused, (draws curtains in confession booth) and ran 40 7/2. Walked for two minutes warm up, and cool down, and did some stretches after.
4 x 7/2

What's exciting about this is that for the first time I actually settled into a comfortable pace AND kept my heart rate between 119 and 122 for almost all the run segments. I don't really have a clue how fast I was running, but I got from 8th ave to well north of the golf dome along the Nose Creek path. I felt like I could continue at that pace for a while longer, and for a few strides I stretched out and ran up a little hill. That only pushed the heart to 129, then I settled back into that pace again, my heart rate dropped back down to where it had been. My legs felt great afterward, ready to do it again if I had to. I'm really quite pleased.

And it was a beautiful morning for a run. Not cold, but at the last second I grabbed my hat thinking I could put it in a pocket if it was too warm, and it turned out just right. Always a bit tricky with how much to wear at this time of year.


  1. yay!! you are becoming a runner!!! very cool

  2. Great job!! There's nothing like finding your own groove,eh?

  3. Nothing ike getting in the groove and being able to really enjoy the runners high!!

    However, that was my pace and I'd like it returned!! ;)

  4. Nah, you don't want it back, a faster one is coming along for you. I haven't got this semi-mythical "runners high" yet, but I'm not as skeptical about it as I once was.

  5. YAY!! Don't you just love it when things fall together like that. Congrats!

    I have the same problem toque, or head band, maybe running hat? Shorts or pants? Long sleeve or vest! Sigh Calgary.

  6. Best purchase ever is an underamour or Helly hansen hat - thin, but keeps my head warm. Thin enuff to wear under my bike helemt on cold days too and keeps the wind out of my ears!!

  7. Hey bud, congratz on your gains!

    BTW, I surfed over to your non-triathlon website and went to take a look at your bike. The link was a little deceiving b/c if though it said "bike" all I saw on the page were heaps and heaps AND heaps of wine! Are you collecting a Noah's Ark of Wine?!?

    Seriously, nice collection. I saw in your bio you make wine as well. I've just recently made my second batch - went with a Chilean Merlot - 30 bottles of heaven!

  8. Yeah, I guess there was some wine in the background. There's another whole rack yet, and the empty spots were all filled shortly after those photos were taken. I've been making wine for about 6 years now. As soon as I can get up to Red Deer I've got a couple Limited Edition kits to pick up.

    Was the Merlot the En Primeur kit (all black box, 18 l) That is just to die for. I'll whimper when the last of those is gone.


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