Friday, March 21, 2008

Estela's first real road trip

I had a nice long chat with my bike during our ride today, and discovered her name is Estela. She was very happy to be free of the spin trainer and out on the open road. She wanted to go!

When I got home Thursday night I was totally bagged. I didn't even think about doing the IGP™ spin sesssion. We barbequed up some buffalo burgers with spicy Havarti cheese. mmmmm. I did some cat lap time, then went to bed. After a nice long lie in, and an easy morning, I putter downstairs to get ready for the planned Saturday ride. Once that was done I looked outside and it was gorgeous. Still a little cool, about 7 C. Since I didn't spin last night, I decided to catch up on that one, and do another ride on Sunday, when it's supposed to be even nicer.

Saddled up, and we were off. I rode out 22X to the 22 turn off going south, and back home again in 1:35. Here's some numbers for IG and the curious of you.
38.6 K total trip
1:35 trip time
24.15 KpH, average speed
88 rpm, average cadence
62.26, max speed
125 bpm, average heart rate
139 bpm, peak heart rate
83 bpm, minimum heart rate (and we can all guess when that was)
1592 calories.

My thought was to have a nice easy ride, concentrating mainly on not getting run over. After that was keeping cadence up and pedalling nice and smooth. Speed, distance, and trip time were all a distant second. I wanted to see how the bike felt on the road, and how it was different than the spin trainer. She's very responsive, climbs hills like a dream, and was rock solid at 60 Kph. I think it's going to be a while before I fully grow into her, and take her to her limits.

The ride was excellent. There was a pretty stiff cross wind the entire time on 22X, and it was pretty cool, so I was slightly under dressed. I probably should have worn tights rather than shorts, and maybe some gloves with fingers. The only part of me that was a bit cold was fingers and toes. At the end I was a bit more tired than I thought I'd be, so I'm glad I didn't try to go further. I don't know if that's fallout from being tired, or coping with real wind resistance.

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