Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cautious run

After the Monday night adventures with voting and trying to run after, I was a bit cautious about it this morning. The IGP called for 45 minutes 6/2. I really wasn't sure how it would work out, but I had faith.

5 min walk, gradually picking up speed.
4 x R6 W2
a couple more minutes walk to get back to the car, then a few minutes of stretching.
Total 40 minutes

The runs started slow. It felt like someone had taped a weight on the back of my leg just above the knee. But all went well as I gradually increased speed. My thought was to run at what my legs felt comfortable with, which soon worked out to a heart rate in the mid 120's. I went from 8th Ave north along Nose Creek Path to the Golf Dome and back.

I paid a lot of attention to how my legs felt, thinking about where I was carrying tension and trying to get rid of it. Thinking about balance and keeping stride even and light. For a while I tried the breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, but that felt stupid so I stopped.

Afterward, my legs felt sort of weird. There was a simultaneous "what, are we done already?" and "That was ok but we're glad it's done." I sort of suspect I could have gone further, but I'd really rather not find out the hard way. The last couple weekends I've pushed the running beyond what was called for the in the IGP, and that might be why they're feeling somewhere between tired and sore. So I'll dial the runs back and behave myself.


  1. is running ever truly comfortable?! tee hee.

  2. It's so good that you are listening to your body. Pushing yourself is good once in a while, but do too much, and you'll be too pooped to poop!!! LOL!!

    And that Greg - he does know what he's talking about! :):)


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