Friday, February 8, 2008

uncoordinated swim

Back into the deep freeze again. I was thinking of doing intervals at the pool today, but I wasn't a dozen strokes into it when I realized this wasn't going to be a good swim. Nothing was obviously wrong, but my stroke felt weak and not smooth. Shortly after I got in, the pool got really busy.

250 m 4:40 warmup
5 x 50 m in 40 - 45 seconds, though the last was a bit slower.
500 m 10 min
Then into the dive tank. After that I was thinking about going back into the pool for some more laps, but it was a zoo. There were 3 people in every lane, with an unholy mixture of fast and slow, freestyle, attempts at freestyle, and the breast stroke heresy.

20 min swim, 25 min core and flexibility.

The number this week is 241. Last week I was slightly on the light side of that, today I'm slightly on the heavier side.


  1. I am scared to get on a scale - I have been a bit hungry this week and a little out of control - maybe I will wait a week and focus on healthy eating before i jump on the scaleroo....I hate when the swim feels all out of whack and it feels like you are swimmin in mud, not water ....sigh :)

  2. we all have shite days mate. the big thing is that we keep at it!


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