Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nice morning for a run

The IGP™ called for 45 min 4/1 this morning. Since I'd mixed it up a bit on Tuesday, I thought I'd do what the Tuesday plan had called for.
5 min warmup
6x 5R 1W
5 min cooldown

46 Min total.
In fact I got back to the car a few minutes early, and spent the time draped over a gate stretching. My legs felt good. I started off the run gradually, and settled into a nice groove by the second set. The fourth and fifth sets felt strong and I pushed a little there, with my heart rate going into the low 140's. Recovery over the walking minute is usually about 20 bpm. The last set was a bit tough, as my legs were getting tired. So it worked out to be just about the right amount for a workout.

The sky was just beginning to light up as I was running back to the car. Very nice. Just before that I saw what I think of as the UFO bike. This person has multi flashing strobe lights on their head, a head lamp, and a couple more strobes around the seat, and some reflectors on the wheels that shine toward the front. It's quite the sight.

I had some Shiatsu and acupuncture done this afternoon. That felt great. There's still some tightness and muscle soreness at the back of the knee, but I'm told that the workouts are good providing I don't over do it, stretching, keeping it warm, and getting plenty of liquids and rest are the best thing for it. We won't even talk about what he said about my neck and upper back being all scrunched from my hunching over the keyboard and trying to type faster. Work is going by in a blur. I'm sure that if I hadn't started the workout program before starting at IMS, I'd be keeled over by now.

The IGP™ called for a 45 min spin tonight.
20 min warmup, gradually building to 90 rpm or so
10 x 30 second effort, 1:30 recovery
5 min cooldown, plus some stretching

Total 45 min.
The 30 seconds effort was high rpm in a medium gear, something I could spin but not have to force, and yet not so easy that it's easy to get jerky. The first couple were just under 110 rpm or so, most of the rest were between 110 and 120, there was one about 130, and the last about 110. The idea was to engage the core, concentrate on smooth spinning, with no muscle jerking, and no bouncing. By and large it worked out pretty well, though I was bouncing at 130.

All in all a day I'm happy with. I'm looking forward to a nice swim with some intervals at the fast pool tomorrow.

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