Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I witnessed the birth of a rumour!

We all, well, two of my readers in particular, know what scamps the Tuesday spin class people are. The main topic of conversation was, of course, Greg and Susi's trip. I put it that way deliberately. People were all excited about if anyone had heard any news. I shared the news from the blog so far, and told people how to find it. People were talking about how spots were open for Kona in Greg's age group and just how far under 10 hours he'd be. When the race started, with much counting on fingers about time difference and calculating his finish time. One person is holding a party, and people were calculating how many drinks they could get in before Greg's finish. One person was saying they had been searching to find out Greg's race number, but couldn't find it. Some asked if he didn't have a race number, how could he be in the race, and why would he go to Malaysia? And with Susi? The rumour quickly started that all this training was just a cover up, that the trip to Malaysia was a long planned, elaborate elopment. None of us really believe it of course. Really, we don't. They're such scamps. I just happen to know, since I've known Susi a long time now, that she's secretly been studying effective BDD techniques for when Mr Right comes in range. That's Bonk, Drag, Domesticate. If that's really what's happening, Greg doesn't stand a chance. He just THINKS he's there to race. No, really, none of us believe any of this. Don't kill the messenger.

Oh, and we had a spin session too, in between all the chat, with guest coach Kyle. Yeah, almost forgot with all the chat. Kyle of 4:16 Sylvan half tri fame. There was semi-serious discussion if Greg's beautiful new shop floor would get baptised. Kyle really put us through our paces, wanting us to be really, really pleased to see Greg again.

2 sets of one leg drills. He strongly hinted that we shouldn't drape our feet over our trainers, but let them dangle for a better workout. (oof)
Lots of time at high cadence. He proposed 3 min above 120, 3 min off. For several sets. All without bouncing of course. I backed this down to about 110 to 115 since that's as fast as I can go without bouncing.
We did two 6 minute sets where we pedaled for max out put at 70 rpm for 30 seconds, then 90 rpm, and again and again, and if that wasn't enough, into the easiest gear for the last 30 seconds STANDING!. Then another 4 minute set of the same. In the end I stopped changing gears, and left it in the hardest, still going for 70 and 90 rpm. (There was lots of rubber all over the floor after.)
At the very end we did another pair of 3 minute high cadence spins.
I had a long warmup, mostly in zone 2, and was on the bike a total of 2 hrs 5 minutes.

Out of all of it, my heart rate peaked at 145, and I had a lot of trouble getting it past 130. My lungs were doing fine, but my legs were getting tired. All in all, an excellent workout. I'm sure glad that wasn't my first, or the floor would have been baptised for sure.


  1. Holy Crap!! What a workout -- my legs got wobbly just reading all that. Good job on not baptizing the floor!!


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