Saturday, March 7, 2020

Big travel days

Yesterday's flowers were the break in two long days of travel. Facebook or a twitchy wifi system ate the quick Facebook update last night. Then again, maybe I didn't click post.

The highlights. Drive about 2.5 hrs from Invercargill to Dunedin, with a break for a picnic with awesome wraps and treats from Fat Bastards. Fly to Christchurch. The cottage with the lovely garden was quite near. My buddy James had strongly recommended Dux Dine, and the cottage owner seconded that. Another short cab ride and a wonderful dining experience. Short sleep. Up early to catch a 7 am train to Picton up the east coast. Quite scenic. Had a great time chatting with new buddy Bill from Colorado (he shoots Canon gear and we have many similar interests) and his family. Drive just under 2 hours from Picton to Nelson. Somewhat twisty roads. Break for lunch at Oyster Bay Pub and to do some shopping. Drive another 1.5 hours over some of the most twisty and turny roads I've ever done. Get here, drink wine, collapse in a heap, listening to an outdoor concert of a sort of electronic pop crossed with a didgeridoo. We didn't care. We were tired. We slept.

A lovely sunrise this morning, and planning a new day. I was just a little late to the party. Not sure how the updates will go. The wifi is still twitchy.


2. Some of the coastline.

3. Bill, hard at it. Most of the trip he was shooting a sensible 24-105, like me. Then a woman showed up shooting a 100-400. We chuckled about that, wondering how will that would work with the motion of the train, so he had to try it. The stabilization works really well.


5. The semi-obligatory train on a curve going into a tunnel shot. This train wasn't that long, and the tracks weren't that curvy so it doesn't really work out all that well.

6. Bill and his brother having fun. Read the sign.


8. The obligatory artsy shot.

Driftwood of the Day.

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  1. Depending on the bones in the highlights, 1 might with some post-processing be a dramatic marvel. Cheers, Sean


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