Monday, March 9, 2020

Beach X 3

More beach photos for you to suffer through. At first we were a bit nervous, since it was almost raining as we got up. The forecast for where we were thinking about going said it might rain later. We went anyways, though the road there is challenging. Up and over, twisting and turning the whole way. There are 5 places there was a landslide that took out one lane of road, so there is a stop light controlling one way traffic. This drive is a workout.

Then the beaches. Pohara, Patons Rock, and Parapara. All big, beautiful, golden sand, perfect for strolling, and nearly empty. Big, as in kilometers long, and really wide when the tide is out. Only 4 or 5 people on each, at the most, on a perfect summer day. Warm, a bit of a wind, sunny, I could go on but you get the picture. These are shallow, in that when the tide is out there is a long flat space, which is why these are so kid friendly. Some of the other beaches we've been on I wouldn't go into the surf no matter how much I was paid.

Linda discovered some shells. I discovered lots of interesting driftwood. I know it's just killing you to look at sunny warm beach photos, as Calgary wakes up to -5C. We don't miss it a bit, though we do miss our kitties.

1. This was actually one of the last photos of the day. Linda was going to wash out that shell and see if I could get some nice shots of it.

2. Does it matter which beach Linda is exploring?


4. Look carefully between the horns. There is a tiny dot at the water's edge, and that is Linda. Trust me.

5. Lots of driftwood sculpture.

6. Some of the shells.

7. Last beach of the day. We weren't sure how long we'd go for, since we had already had two long walks. Still, we were feeling good. We had a yummy light lunch at the Dangerous Kitchen, and after the last beach a wonderful meal at the Mussel Inn. We are planning another day past Collingwood, and we'll probably eat there again.


9. Pity about my shadow, but there was no way to avoid it.

10. Obligatory artsy shot

Driftwood of the Day

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  1. Wonderful beaches for walking and mental meanderings (which is what beaches are for)! Regarding 9 the shadow is fine, as it adds your presence. But my neurosis has a quibble with the apparent angle of the horizon line :) Cheers, Sean


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