Monday, May 2, 2016

Vacation runs

Even though I just read SUAR's blog, it isn't what she might think. I'm talking about actual running. I just know what some of you were thinking.

So far, running on vacation has happened in Torino, Venice, Nova Scotia, Vancouver Island, and Bermuda. Oddly enough, or maybe not, all of them were near water. Maybe there's a theme there I should think about.

The only one I had company with start to finish was in Nova Scotia, along Crescent beach. That was both a stunningly beautiful place to run, and so much fun to run with new friends. (Hi Janice and Janet!) There was a run in Bermuda where I joined a guy doing hill repeats. I was in shorts and a tech shirt, while he was in a full track suit, with a hat and gloves. We'd waved at each other a few times over the previous several days, but the first time we got close enough to talk, he said, "Canadian, right?" Except it wasn't a question. It was warm enough for me to be swimming in the ocean. We jogged around an out of business golf course, and chatted.

Torino was along the river but in a city I didn't like much. Venice was along the Grand Canal and it was an amazing experience. I was very careful and didn't get lost. Bermuda on roads and paths and beaches in the warmth and, often the wind.  Nova Scotia was always a beach. Once on Hirtle's beach at about 2 in the morning with a full moon. It was lovely, and there was another guy running as well, but he didn't want to chat. Perhaps he thought I was a stalker or something.

The least nice beach was the other day in Sidney. Gravel and rocky, with logs to dodge made it an interesting run, and the scenery was nice in an expensive homes kind of way, but it wasn't the same as running a sandy beach. Even sand can vary. Crescent beach is firm enough to drive a car on. St. Catherine's beach in Bermuda is soft enough that running in shoes would quickly be a bad idea, but it's still not as soft as Horseshoe Bay. Those give your calves and feet a real workout.  Hirtles can be a mix depending on a lot of factors.

Probably the best solo vacation run was in Bermuda on a really hot day. I ran a bunch, left everything but shorts on the beach (Bermudans are a bit prudish about nudity), swam a while, practiced some swim hard and transition onto the beach, then ran some more to dry off. Sort of.  Being sticky with sweat and dried salt perfectly suited my mood.  Our host was there when I got back, and he fired up the outdoor shower for me.

There's something relaxing about running while on vacation, at least for me. Usually there's lots of time, and you can run when and where it suits you. It's a great way to see more scenery than just walking, and gets your workout done. I find it's a big change and helps me recover from the lots of walking we do on vacation.

I'd love to go to Venice again, but not because of the run. Just because it's an amazing place. Hirtle's beach (and a bakery not far from it) have a special place in my heart, and I know I'm going there again. I'm just not sure when. I'd love to run in Bermuda again, but I'm probably not going to go just for a run.

Do you run on vacation? Where was your best vacation run?


  1. I love to run on vacation (I'm sure you could have guessed that, haha)!! My favorite run was in Italy I think, my hubby and I did a run on top of the wall of an ancient walled city called Lucca. Also this past winter, running on trails in Hawaii was pretty awesome :)

  2. Hi, Keith - since you said 'hello' :) I always take my shoes/stuff with me, but I never run on vacation...unless I'm doing a destination run (S'toon...had to run while in Calgary the two weeks before). Sounds like you had a lovely time in BC - good to hear. Looking forward to your next visit on the 'Best Coast', whenever that may be!


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