Friday, July 17, 2015

Why is my swim bag so heavy?

Last night I bottled the Aglianico. It's a deep rich ruby red, a little tart and oaky now, but the fruit is right up in your face. Once it matures it's going to be awesome! Needless to say I had supervision. Stealth supervision.

My swim bag has been getting heavier and heavier. When I changed fins from the blue ones to the black ones, I noticed the weight increase. But since then I've been wondering if it's me getting more feeble. How much stuff can be in one swim bag?

Now I know. My bag lived in Michelle's car today after our swim. Our lovely swim! I did some tune up and coached. Michelle had a breakthrough! Yay her!

I'd recently read a blog from socalrunnergal, "what's in my run bag", via my buddy SUAR. As I was taking the damp gear out, I decided to take it all out to photo and itemize. Shocking. Just shocking. Here's the deceptive bag, looking all innocent.

Here is the heap of stuff. I never would have imagined.

From upper left going roughly clockwise:

  • Merrel mesh tote bag. I got it as swag at one of my first races, it's been used lots. Incredibly useful. I have two of them, but the other is downstairs.
  • The current pair of goggles and nose clips.
  • Not one, not two, but three, count'em three pairs of back up goggles.
  • One pair of backup nose clips. There's another pair around somewhere. 
  • Blue mesh bag that hasn't found a use yet. 
  • High tech rubber band for trying to keep Michelle's legs on the reservation during kick drills. In real life they were used to fasten snowshoes together. Really.
  • Black shorty fins.
  • Best body wash ever.
  • Hand paddles.
  • A spare Scotiabank bag. I think this is from the half marathon last year.
  • Flip flops. All recycled materials, bought at Tri-It.
  • A little Talisman shoe pouch as swag.
  • Two locks.
  • Shampoo and cream rinse, for when I had hair.
  • Razor.
  • Comb.
  • Last year's and the year before's Talisman renewal paperwork. Soggy.
  • A Monthly timesheet for January, that I email in to get paid. I did.
  • A key fob.
  • A luggage tag with obsolete contact information.
  • A couple ear plugs, last used early 2008 on a twin prop flight to High Level.
  • A pen, I don't know if it works. I tried later, it does. Amazing.
  • A car key, never used. At least we still own that car.
  • $2.40 in change.
  • The current swim suit, with the shark teeth motif.
  • Back up swim suit, and it gets used on short notice periodically
  • Cheque book and pen. Not that I write a lot of checks, 178 since early 2001.
  • Waiver forms for the race next weekend. Not soggy, carefully taken out and put somewhere handy.
  • Kleenex package.
  • Toothbrush. I wouldn't dream of using it on my teeth now.
  • Washcloth.
  • Underneath it all my orange towel.

And this is what didn't go back in after. Much of it went into the garbage.

First bit of decluttering done! What next?

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  1. I cleaned out my swim bag too of uncomfortable retired gear and realized I sure don't use as much shampoo now that I don't have hair either ;) Thanks for demo-ing the missing piece that caused the breakthrough (arm out in front). Now, about that misbehaving leg...


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