Sunday, March 29, 2015

The slow descent, then ick

Thursday got away from me. Working late, then picking Linda up after an appointment, then going to see a presentation of a new suburb not far from here, then the British Chippy for supper. Typical of developers, they want to start selling lots before the roads to get there are built. We got home at half past pissed off cats. They glared, and told us what inconsiderate staff we are.

Friday in the pool again, starting to feel the descent. Swim was fun though. No special milestones for me, though Michelle was pretty pleased. By Friday evening the descent was an all out plummet without a safety rope.

By Saturday I was face down in the dip, snuffling and achy, and stayed there all day. All night. Most of Sunday. It was beautiful out, but it was all I could do to plod out and run some errands. I'm very pleased I didn't kill that geezer that walked out in front of me on Elbow Drive. He just turned left off the sidewalk in the middle of the block and walked into the street. I nearly wet my pants. I was about to change lanes in a semi orderly way when he realized there was a car coming and stepped back. Then HE had the nerve to give ME the stink eye.

The only thing that really cheered me up over the weekend was learning that Danielle Smith had lost the PC nomination in Highwood. Maybe it makes me shallow, but I cheered. She peed in her own Wheaties good and proper, and was forced to eat them. I hope she liked the taste, because she's going to be eating them for a while. She is done in politics. Done like dinner, and I couldn't be happier.

Still on provincial politics, there was a typical PC budget released on Thursday. I'm intellectually indignant about it, but too under the weather to work up a good rant about it. Suffice to say that corporations continue to get the (black) gold, and ordinary Albertans get the shaft.

I picked up Photosweeper yesterday, and turned it loose on my iPhoto library. It found almost 2000 duplicates that were a no brainer to delete. Then I loosened the settings a bit and it found more almost duplicates. Many of the choices it made were good, but since it was mostly comparing an original iPhone photo to an enhanced Snapseed photo, I swapped which one was going to be kept. It was only $11 and I think a really good deal.

So far I was just getting rid of obvious duplicates. I'm thinking about making a pass through and getting rid of the bad/poor/redundant but not a duplicate photos. That will be a little trickier. I just hope that as the main computer talks to the laptop, it doesn't try to be "helpful" and restore the deleted photos.

That long list of things I was going to do this weekend? Still there. Waiting. Maybe during vacation.

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