Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I think it was the pizza and chocolate

You guys have broken the roll Curtis was on. Blogs that feature him usually do quite well in readership, but not yesterday's. And he's repressing an iPad, what more do you want? Hint, scroll down a bit.

I was scheduled into a training course at the last minute today. You don't want to know for what. They served pizza lunch and yummy goodies for dessert. Let's just say I nibbled my share, shall we? I even split the brownie with Patricia rather than gobbling it all myself. The treats were surprisingly good.

It's still a beautiful day out, much the same as earlier this week with the lovely run. Still the same lovely scenery. I headed out with the new Altra zero drop shoes and felt good right from the start. I'm so happy my legs have unlocked and I can bend my knees again. I just wish I'd known what did the trick.

This is a fast pace for me these days, yet I wasn't trying to run fast at all. I was just trying to run at a comfortable pace, somewhat faster or slower depending on how I felt. My feet felt light and happy, and I settled in right away. I don't think I could have done the chat chat chat thing the full time, but certainly for parts of the run I could.

So either I'm just doing better for the run, which seems unlikely at my age, or pizza and chocolate is good fuel for running. What do you think?

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