Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tummy to tummy. 4am

I know that sounds like the start of some rowdy folk song.
Some of my readers probably have the wrong idea already, the lovable perverts that they are.

Something I've noticed with big orange cats is they like to sit on me tummy to tummy. Back paws at the top of my thighs, and front paws reaching up to my throat. I hope this is a sign of affection, and not incipient predation. So far I've had 3 such cats in my life, and I'm 3 for 3 in having them sit that way. Does yours?

What's getting annoying is his insistence on it happening at 4am, or even earlier. I've been dog tired this last week, and was dragging my tail by Friday. I was in bed last night at 8:30, and sound asleep very quickly after. The last thing I wanted was to be woken up early. I was. Sigh.

The cats were banished to the basement, but I couldn't go back to sleep. I sat up front a bit, then curled up the chair to snooze. The entire time there was anguished shrieks from Curtis, wanting up, wanting to cuddle. Later I went back to bed for a while, and right now I'm contemplating a nap.

I've no idea why I'm so tired, unless figuring out and documenting a weird database is taking up more brainpower than I thought. Certainly my workouts have been nothing to write home about this week. Maybe I'm fighting something off again. There are still lots of sick people at work, and I have to sit in meetings with some of them.

So you've probably figured out I took Friday as a rest day. Other than some stretching and a bit of core, today is a rest day as well. I'm not even sure where I am on marathon training anymore. I should probably be running 26K this weekend, but I can't face it today. Tomorrow I'm hoping to run about 15 K or so.

Trying not to whine here, but I'm looking at a little over 2 months to my marathon, and I'm beginning to have doubts about being able to do it. I see no point in suffering through a 6 hour death march run walk experience. I know I can do that. My goal was to run (such as it is for me) for all but the aid stations, and maybe going to 10-1 run walk in the last hour or so. There is no roll-over to next year, or getting a refund, so if I don't do it, I'll be eating the registration. Oh well, good thing it wasn't expensive.

The white wine is racked to a carboy, and the Nero d'Avola is started. Smells yummy already. Tax paperwork. I'm looking at getting that all organized this weekend. Yeah, fun times, I don't know how I take it. But first, the cat snoreons are getting to me. I think I'll have that nap first. One can never be too rested to deal with tax paperwork.


  1. You can totally do it, Keith. In fact - you need to do it for both of us, since I can't run mine. Even if you have to run it 5:1 - you will still be a part of something big. To run the 50th anniversary of the Calgary Marathon is an incredibly special thing that will only happen one time. Go out there and revel in it. You're doing the hard work now...race day is simply the celebration of everything you've put into it.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement!

    2. I'm with Cori. You can definitely do it! Especially, if you take walk breaks. There's no shame in them and you'll likely finish more quickly if you do. It's going to be a fantastic event and you'll be kicking yourself if you don't. Take a little rest, then hit the road next weekend. You can do it!!

  2. I'm with Cori - you can do this, Keith. You still have 2 months and you've already logged some decent miles. Take the rest, then re-commit. And so what if it takes you six hours - that finish line and medal will be all the sweeter :)

    Hope you're feeling better.

    1. I am feeling better this morning! My run buddy will be here soon, heading out for -15 C or so. The 6 hour part I don't mind, it's the suffer-fest to get there. Would much rather run quicker and be in better shape for sub 5.

  3. Hmmm. My big orange kitty can best be described as a shit. He never wants to cuddle but is very keen to groom my hair at 4am. He does it most vigorously. I would be delighted to ship him over to see if you can encourage some acceptable affection out of him?

    2 months is plenty time, I'm looking forward to seeing you there so no giving up!

    1. Cats seem to provide affection on their terms. Curtis takes his alarm clock duties very seriously. He starts very politely and escalates. So far he hasn't grasped that waking us up more than a few minutes before the right time just earns him a trip to the basement with no food. It would be interesting to see what our's make of cat visitors. They are quite enchanted with human visitors.


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