Thursday, March 27, 2014

Not the ranty-pants bleat

Today was a very adventurous day. Had I been writing this blog about 8:30 this morning, all I can say is that it would come out very differently.

Very differently indeed. Grrr. Though I have to admit our LRT driver was totally on the ball about keeping us informed of what was happening, what our choices were, and apologizing out the ting-yang.

Tuesday my right knee started aching. I've been working on rolling and stretching, really I have. But Wednesday afternoon my massage therapist found my right quad was a solid block of unhappiness. The IT band wasn't much better. No wonder my hips and low back were hurting. She worked on that a long time. I had to ice it when I got home.

What with one thing and another I haven't been into the pool since Monday. Something about billable hours. I was hoping to hit the pool Friday, but no. My margin was eaten up by a very, very slow transit trip downtown today. I don't even want to talk about it. Grrr.

Lots of nice response from the question and answer blog. Glad you guys liked it. Meanwhile it's nearly time for bed. Another week nearly done, zooming by. I'm not sure what it is. It used to be that a work week took forever. Now they go in a blur. It seems like the year just started and it's a quarter over already.

I can hear you asking, what about the running? Nope. No running since Sunday, other than in the pool on Monday. More crap weather. The sidewalks are a menace to civilization. No way I'm going to run on those. Plus, I'm sick of the snow. Sick of it. I'm so over it. Just like zombies and vampires, over it! Done.

Golly, a bit of the crankiness is creeping through. Better shut it down before I get started on the fiasco that is Rob Anders.

Good night.


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    1. In hindsight, I'm glad we stayed on the train. There was room to move around a little, and it alternated between doing nothing, and moving like an LRT. I would imagine the bus creeping along, inch by inch... How long did it take you to get downtown? (Wondering if switching to the bus would have been better?)

  2. Sorry that things led to crankiness, Keith - hopefully the weekend will be awesome and you'll drink lots of wine (that's the ticket, I've found). I'm somewhat sad that the weekends go just as quickly (or more so) than the weekdays! Geesh!! Also, totally with you on the 'over winter' crankiness! We have two more storms coming at us this weekend - supposed to be rain events, but with the snow on the ground it's only going to make a big mess.

    1. Drank more wine than usual last night, and didn't sleep all that well. Good thing no meetings for me, but I do have to hustle for another reason.


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